Your partner for automation

The company EPS – Elektro Steenblock GmbH is successfully active in the field of automation for more than 30 years.
Over the years we have specialized in programming PLC controls and we have established ourselves with well-known customers.

Over the years, many projects have been implemented with a wide variety of systems, but the main focus was and is always on
PLC technology from Siemens (S5 / S7 / TIA).
Thanks to continuous further training, all of our employees are state-of-the-art and are also safe in dealing with SIMATIC Safety.
But we are also familiar with the “old” technology thanks to our many years of experience.

At EPS, great attention is always paid to security, clarity and legibility in our projects.

Automation made in East Frisia

Our company headquarter is firmly anchored in the middle of East Frisia (a small landscape in the nort-western part of Germany), but our area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation is worldwide.
So we were able to successfully handle numerous projects from Brazil and the USA across Europe to Asia and even Australia.